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1) Submission/ Publication Fee:
There is no submission or publication fee and the journal's contents are available to all free.

2) Deadline for Article Submission:
There is no specific deadline for submission of the manuscripts to the journal; hence, authors can submit their research as soon as it is ready for submission.

3) Special Issue Call for Paper:
Our Call for Paper special issue (if available) will appear through "Call for Papers" section.

4) Invitation for Special Issue Editorship:
We welcome proposals for "Special Issues" from Higher Education researchers worldwide. In this regard, you can submit the first draft of the "Proposal for Special Issue" to the editors-in-chief:
  • Prof. Abbas Abbaspour [ abbaspouratu.ac.ir ] 
  • Dr. Ali Khorsandi Taskoh [ ali.khorsandiatu.ac.ir ]
5) Publication Schedule:
  • March 31; June 30; September 30; December 31
6) Obligatory Documents:
Authors are advised to submit the completed and signed JHEPALS Author Form and meticulously check the ethical guidelines (available here).

7) Criteria for Editorial Screening of Manuscripts (prior to double-blind review procedure):
Our authors are advised to submit their research to the JHEPALS if it meets the following criteria: its content (novelty)rigor of the research methodologyalingment of research findings with research literaturecontribution to the available research knowledge, and being timely.

8) Types of Content Published by the JHEPALS:
Our authors are advised to check the "Submission Instruction" for further details; however, the contents of issues are categorized as:
  • Articles
  • Reflection(s)
  • Colloquium
  • Interview(s)
  •  Book Review(s)
9) Interview(s):
Interviews are by invitation only; so, we do not accept unsolicited emails from higher education scholars to join the interview part of the JHEPALS.

10) English Language Approval:
English is the language of the manuscripts published in the JHEPALS. If English is not the authors' native language; they must provide the approval of correct use of English (by English language editing services or native English speaking colleagues). 

11) Review Procedure: 
We avoid hasty publishing; in this regard, the initial editorial screening takes 30-40 working days to be completed. And the review procedure might take 3-4 months to be completed.

12) If you need further details:
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information/ details. You can access a full description of contact details at "Contact Information".
Our LinkedIn profile is also accessible here

​​​​13) Technical checklist prior to online submission:
  • Manuscript is prepared for submission to: Artilce/ Reflection/ Colloquium/ Book Review
  • The final draft is proof-read by a native speaker of English (if the author's first language is not English)
  • The reference list is prepared in alignment with the APA7th and journal's template (check the works published in our journal)
  • DOIs are obligatory for references (you need to add direct links if DOIs are not available)
  • Author's Form is completed and signed by the corresponding author for online submission

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