Volume 4/ Issue 3 (September 2023)

 | Post date: 2023/10/1 | 
Dear Esteemed Members of Editorial Team, Reviewers, Authors, and Researchers
On behalf of the editors-in-chief at the Journal of Higher Education Policy And Leadership Studies (https://johepal.com), let me express my deepest appreciation to you for all your continuous support as well as your commitment to enrich the scientific merit of the journal.
JHEPALS is honored to collaborate with globally recognized HE researchers, leaders, and policy-makers and we owe our continuous success of the journal to the esteemed members of our team (as editorial team, reviewers, and authors).
Our SEPTEMBER issue 2023 (Volume 4/ Issue 3) owes its scientific rigor and novelty to the globally recognized higher education scholars and leaders who submitted their research to the JHEPALS for consideration. The research meet the maximum criteria in terms of novelty of the research queryrigorous research methodology, as well as innovation in findings and contribution of the research to the mainstream of Higher Education Policy and Leadership.
We also express our deepest appreciation to the researchers whose articles are rejected as we hope to receive their further contributions to the journal in the near future.
Please share the journal link (https://johepal.com) with your colleagues, friends, and students who might be willing to read the works in the current/ previous issues; or they might consider our DECEMBER issue (2023) as a venue to share their research!
Kind Regards,
JHEPALS Editorial Office


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