JHEPALS 2nd Issue

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It is with great honor and pleasure to announce that JHEPALS 2nd issue (September) is now available online:

There is no doubt that life prior to mid-2019 might now be like a dream! It is more than 8 months that the whole world is in a war against an unknown virus which we call it COVID-19. All people, no matter of age, gender, social and political status, educational and economic position, as well as those in power and the suppressed minorities of marginal groups might be diagnosed with COVID-19 if he/she does not observe the optimum health prerequisites and prescriptions. Education in its general scope experienced enormous changes and reforms, almost in all its terms and conditions, to both meet the maximum standards of World Health Organization (WHO) medical rules and regulations; and do not deviate from its main goals and objectives. The stakeholders of K-12 educational cycle and Higher Education (students, teachers, parents, principals, academic/ administrative staff, teaching staff, chancellors, board of directors, board of trustees, and …) are engaged in a new innovative way of learning, teaching, and management. In these crises and challenges; hopefully, we can experience a global movement for change from all people towards a more enlightened and hopeful future.

JHEPALS editors-in-chief also experienced the same collaboration and commitment from the members of editorial board who extensively cooperated in preparing the second issue (September). We also owe our progress to our esteemed authors whose research are timely and of interest to the global readers of the core of our journal: Higher Education, Higher Education Policy, and Higher Education Leadership.

Our second issue received 9 research from global researchers; however, we accepted 5 research studies which met the maximum standards of academic publishing and are timely and relevant to the mainstream of the JHEPALS. Based on our journal policy, from 2nd issue (September), we publish an exclusive interview with one of the globally renowned pioneers of the HE, Policy, and Leadership; and a book review which falls within the Aims and Scope of the JHEPALS.

Journal of Higher Education Policy And Leadership Studies


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