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Managing Editor/ English Language Editor
Dr. Christine Challen
Work placeSchool of Dental Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK
• PGCE Sunderland University Department of education (2014-2016)                       
• PhD, Newcastle University, Department of Virology (1984-1989)
• BSc (Honours) Genetics, Glasgow University, Department of Genetics (1978-1983)
• British Association of Cancer Research (BACR)
• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
• Member of the British Education, Leadership Management Society (BELMAS)
• Member of the Workers Education Association (WEA)
• Member of Women’s Education (Wed)

I have over 23 years’ research experience becoming a senior research associate and 9 years teaching experience. My research has focussed on the p53 and MDM2 pathways in a wide variety of different cancers as well as the role of the mitochondria in oral cancer. I have successfully taught at HE both large and small groups where I have been heavily involved at Northumbria University in the design, delivery and assessment of many topics in biomedical sciences including cell biology physiology anatomy and immunology and more recently at Further Education (FE). Despite the barriers in getting academic funding and scholarly Continued Professional Development (CPD) within FE, I still remain strongly committed in using my extensive research/academic skills. To this end I have effectively worked on the pedagogy and different strategies to enhance my teaching of STEM and (bio)medical subjects. In particular the use of case studies, an area I have developed from teaching metabolism in the School of Dental sciences as a way to enhance critical/higher order thinking skills (my PGCE project) which I am currently writing up as a research paper for publication in Research In Teacher Education (RiTE) next year. As well as using these as a means of diagnosing illnesses and/or application of knowledge of biological topics in “real time” conceptualised situations.
I have also effectively used online platforms to support my teaching as well as using online software youtube.
I am also interested in the use of art, literature and film in professional practice, particularly through the teaching of STEM and biomedical/health sciences in addition to highlighting the cognitive enhancing skills that art brings to the classroom. Furthermore as an interesting addition to this the ability that embedding art and philosophy have in the transition from being to becoming to thriving towards effective citizenship and education for social justice.
To build my network of collaborations in this area I have been collaborating with Professor Simon James who is doing field work in this area for Durham University Creative Research Committee (DUCRC) and I maintain an active role within this committee.
I have experience of speaking in public including at national and international conferences as well as successfully publishing science research papers in high impact journals.
I have published educational blogs on a variety of topics and am working on collaborative ventures to publish more on this area.
My rich mosaic background of skills both academic and vocational outreach as well as my experience of teaching within FE would be invaluable assets for HE. In particular my FE and more recently secondary schools skills would strengthen my ability to contribute more professionally on content and curriculum style knowing what students’ capabilities and subject content are leaving colleges and schools with Btec and/or Access L3 qualifications. This would thereby strengthen and bridge the gap between more able students allowing all levels to succeed to their full potential.
I would also very much like to have the opportunity to work at HE in a supportive and scholarly environment to pursue and develop high quality pedagogy research interests to provide new and exciting innovative strategies to engage and enhance student autonomy as well as enable me to build a portfolio for my Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) an excellent accolade for building high quality HE teaching.
Additionally to continue my commitment to CPD, build more productive networks and links with organisations and links that will benefit teaching and academic practice across educational settings.
Dr Christine Challen BSc Hons (Genetics) PhD and FHEA Feb 2020
Last Update2022/06/14

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